The City of Arroyo Grande is developing its first ever Complete Streets Plan!

The project hosted workshops, charrettes, and surveys to gather community input with over 200 people participating throughout the process. This page serves as a historical record of the outreach efforts for the project.

The City established a Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) to guide development of the Plan, which continues to meet as the project is finalized. .


Community Meetings: Halcyon Road Complete Streets Plan

Four Community Meetings were held throughout the project. The meetings took place at Harloe Elementary, along the Halcyon Road corridor and were open to any member of the public.

The first round of Community Meetings were held September 14 and 15th, 2016. Members of the public identified areas and conditions they would like to see improved and provided feedback on what types on infrastructure they would like to see along the corridor.

The second round of Community Meetings were held April 12 and 13th, 2017. Proposed designs and recommendations were presented to the public, and individuals to provided comments on the ideas.

events_2016-09           english flier


Members of the public were able to complete an Online Survey (now closed) and answer an in-person survey at various community events in Arroyo Grande.


The website also hosted an interactive map, which allowed members of the public to view project information, post comments on existing issues and suggest ideas for improvement and view others’ comments. The map remains visible as a historical record of the project’s outreach effort, though public comments are no long being accepted.

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Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) Meetings

SAG Meeting #1 Agenda

SAG Meeting #2 Agenda